We Run Safe Jobsites

At Cascade Enterprises, safety is of utmost importance, and we take a top-down approach to ensure that everyone, from our executives to our managers and field team members, is committed to it. Our field members are OSHA 10 certified; our field managers are OSHA 10 & 30 certified and our Safety team is OSHA 10, 30 & 500 certified.To maintain a safe working environment, our safety team conducts weekly and monthly on-site surveys of all our projects. We also have safety professionals present on several of our projects where it's deemed imperative, and our safety policy mandates their presence during all crane work, critical lifts, elevated installations, or any other critical safety events.We understand that our clients and construction trade partners expect us to set the standard for safety, and we take that responsibility seriously. We incorporate lessons learned from each project to improve safety in subsequent projects. At the start of each project, we hold a roundtable meeting that includes our safety executive, safety manager, and project manager. During this meeting, we conduct a Project Job Hazard Analysis that identifies and mitigates potential accidents using detailed safety precautions. The analysis is a live project document that is adapted and conveyed to the project teams.Our commitment to safety has paid off, and we're proud to share that our 2019 EMR rating was set at 0.52, a testament to our safety culture. Since 2015, we've worked for 4,187,201 hours with zero lost time accidents.Overall, we're deeply committed to ensuring a safe working environment, and our safety policies and practices reflect that.

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